Over 6 years ago I took up photography as a hobby. As time went on I built up my gear and gained many new skills through self-teaching.

After 2 years of spending weekdays in college, weekends in my part-time job and any other spare minute being spent on photography, I decided to take the plunge, quit my job and set-up MRN Photography. Working for myself at only 22 years old is something I would never have even dreamed of, but the journey has been and still is amazing.

I am always up for a challenge and take pride in researching the companies, clients and communities before creating content for them. When faced with an upcoming event, I get to know the industry, the processes that will be involved and brain storm the best ways to present this content for maximum impact.

I have experience in a wide range of events and projects, such as; Weddings, Protraits, Corporate videos,Music videos, College Balls and Livestreaming events.

I have never been one to turn down a challenge and I am always excited when someone approaches me with a project idea thats new and unique.